E-Commerce Platforms 2020 Facts Best E-commerce Platforms For 2025 I Magento Bigcommerce S shopify WiX Woo COMMERCE SQUARESPACE opencart PRESTASHOP The future of retail is online retail (aka e-tail), e-commerce sales worldwide $1.9 $4.5 trillion trillion 2016 2021 Connection between social media and eCommerce platform Instagram shopping feature H&M online fashion advice (itsapark) Pinterest shopping feature (Catalogs) in 110% Social Commerce Referral Grows Best customer experience according to ecommerce platforms More Ym Personalisation Conversational eCommerce (onsite chat) Digital Experience Optimization instead of Conversion Rate Optimization 90% of CEOS believe that their companies offer the best eCommerce customer experience 10% of the customers believe that the companies offer the best eCommerce customer experience Ecommerce platform & SEO (SEO Result higher is better) | shopify 98 97 Woo COMMERCE 95 3dcart 95 Magento 91 Bigcommerce 91 SQUARESPACE volusion weebly Shopify overtakes eBay, is behind Amazon (market capitalisation) Oct 4th 2019 amazon |shopify $860.5 $37.7 billion billion ebay $32.1 billion Mobile growth which eCommerce platform has the best mobile experience? S shopify I Magento 3 Bigcommerce Woo COMMERCE PRESTASHOP Market Share by domains, total 1.7 million Domains (Market Share) Woo COMMERCE (29.10%) 487,419 Un SQUARESPACE (18.55%) 310,795 shopify (10.83%) 181,371 MONSTERCOMMERCE (5.07%) 84,852 M Magento (4.18%) 70,014 WIX (3.95%) 66,167 Rest (28.32%) 474,351 100 200 300 400 500 ยป 81% 2020 of retailers will use unified commerce platforms by 2020 shopify will keep rising 25% f merchants have enabled social selling 73% shopify traffic comes from mobile 61% sales come from mobile Chatbots integration ooo 80% 2020 of businesses said they currently use or are planning to use chatbots by 2020 85% S 2020 of our engagement with businesses will be using self- service options and chatbots 50% of customers say they’re more likely to shop with a business that they can connect with via chat 1/5 1 out of 5 consumers is willing to purchase goods from a chatbot Recommendation Engines 35% amazon of’s revenue is generated by its recommendation engine 31% Product recommendations account for up to 31% of eCommerce site revenues The second most important feature to respondents in 2019 “O’ 30% In 2021 more than 30% of the online store will focus over new techniques on visual search and voice searches 27% consumers worldwide are currently interested on Al based tools 12% B2B buyers even wanted to meet with a sales representative Designed & Compled by GO-Globe CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT SINCE 2005 Source inks ecommerce https:/ oitsolutions.comn/infographic/ecommerceaniticialmeligence producteecomnendations-stats tbots/charbots-ow-and-in-ourfuture -commerce-is-disrupting-bab-withno-end-in-sig 21/shopify-now-biggerthan-ebay commerce-efural-grows-110 -and-machinelearning-in-201WIS331 blog/best-ecommerce-customer-experience retalers-willuse-unilied-commerce platforms-by-2020/516481/ karess-channel-strategies/survey1-ofretallerswdepl ut-know-tipu/put-your-ahap-in-clents-hands-with-top5-mabile-sc m/statistica/37I045/worldwide-etaile-commence-ales/ com/blog/top-ecommence-plutforms-market-share-breakdown https:/ cap https// cap https:/ cap

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